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Finding what you want can be difficult. Here is a index to what has been written so far:


A Rainy Night

We don’t need another hero

The Spiral Bound Brother

The Aborted Recursion

Follow the Spiral Dust Trail

Life on the Rails

New and Old Business

In the shadow of the crows

Fear and Failure

The Hunting

Road Trippin’

A well oiled machine

Betrayals and Balls-ups

At loose ends

A Halloween Party

No dead ends

A Dreamland Reality

The City of Sarkomand

Past and Present Dreaming

A journey to the East

Old friends, New enemies

To stalk the hunter

Moving On

Many Simple Truths

But, I don’t want to

The Glistening City

The secret deeds of Doctor Strangelove

Brothers at Arms

War and Consequences

Secrets well hidden

Once and future

The creation of a family

Expecto Patronum

The raising of The Molly

The rebellion begins


The Glittering Market

An interview with the Dona

Welcome to the Vaults

The Great Egg Hunt

Deals with devils

Unlikely friends

Know the enemy

Face to Face

See Each Other Plain

Five Days

The memories:

Physics of the Streets

Escape to New Orleans

A first Christmas

A very Strange Christmas

Just another night at the pub

August 1995 – A hospital in The Nederlands

October 1997 – The Morrises House, Slough, England

January 2001 – The Morrises House, Slough, England

March 2001 – The Anderson’s House, Brixton, England

A Strange family Christmas


Musings 1: Computers and people are stupid

Musings 2: Parrallel Universe

Musings 3: Order in Chaos

Musings 4: The probability of impossible

Musings 5: Free Will

Musings 6: To thy ownself…

Musings 7: An Interesting word

Musings 8: To magic or not to magic

Musings 9: A small universe

Musings 10: Tourists

Musings 11: Addiction

Musings 12: Plans

Musings 13: Nyarlathotep

MUsings 14: White Flowers

Musings 15: Missplaced parents

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